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What is the CTSI Network Liaison Team?

What Is the CTSI Network Liaison Team?

The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is a collaborative initiative within the CTSA Program.  The TIN is composed of three key organizational partners.

CTSA Program Hubs

Trial Innovation Centers (TICs)

Recruitment Innovation Center (RICs)

Each CTSA Program Hub, like our own CTSI, is required to have a Network Liaison Team (LT) who serve as the front line of the Trial Innovation Network. Our multi-disciplinary team will lead scientific, training, and implementation aspects of the Trial Innovation Network. We will use the expertise and knowledge of our LT members as well as the established local resources of all of our CTSI Foundations to promote innovative operations at the Utah CTSI and to support proposal submissions and clinical trial operations for the Network.

Contact Us

Dixie D Thompson
Liaison Team Executive Director

Stacey Peterson
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 801-213-1359