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Study Design and Biostatistics Center

We are a team of over 40 biostatisticians, epidemiologists, statistical geneticists, health economists, psychometricians, and survey design researchers with a mission to advance high quality research at the University of Utah and affiliated institutions.

The following navigation bar describes a typical research process for collaborating with SDBC members on a manuscript. If you are looking for assistance with a grant proposal, you may benefit from reading the Get Started, Request Collaboration, and the grant preparation pages.


1. Get Started

  • Literature review
  • Develop research question(s)
  • Identify potential variables
  • Review study design guidelines

2. Request Collaboration

  • Our request form is short but vital to us!
  • We use it to determine the best research team
  • And to track progress and results

3. Statistical Analysis Plan

  • A statistical plan helps focus the research objectives
  • We use it to facilitate communication among the research team

4. Data Collection & Analysis

  • Best practices for data collection
  • How to format data for analysis

5. Publish

  • We help with all methodological aspects of manuscripts: tables, figures, methods, results, and discussion
  • Please send us the final draft for review prior to submission