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Software Applications

Software Applications

The service component of the BMIC supports all arms of the CTSI, providing resources and services for the planning and implementation of translational research. This service focuses on a defined set of applications which are applied across multiple domains to more effectively support researchers. Examples of these applications include: 

Application Purpose Cost of User Subsidized by Configurability
ProTracks Provides user the ability to request research and operational services from any of the CTSI foundations $0 CTSI None. Is a registration portal only.
REDCap Provides user the capability to build databases &/or surveys for research and quality improvement efforts. HIPAA compliant $0 for self service CTSI Projects can be self-designed & built or BMIC can assist researchers in the design and management of their projects for recharge

OpenSpecimen (OS) is a metadata repository designed to assist research laboratories in the organization and reporting of biospecimens

$0 for standard support, recharge for additional vendor support CTSI OpenSpecimen projects are configured by BMIC Team