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Cellular Translational Research Core (CTRC)

Providing Stem Cell & Molecular Biology Services to Investigators

The CTRC Core provides stem cell and molecular biology services to investigators at the University of Utah. Our mission is to deliver first-class service, up-to-date information and technical expertise, featuring induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) generation and automated nucleic acid isolation, for increased speed, efficiency, and reproducibility.

Due to rapid advances in genomics, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand services, to encourage collaborations, and to interface with other University of Utah Cores.

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality control and customer support, while keeping costs as low as possible for investigators.

Our Services

live stem cells

Live-cell imaging of induced pluripotent stem cells stained with a stem cell surface marker Tra-1-60

pluripotent stem cells

Brightfield images of induced pluripotent stem cells counterstained with the nuclear dye Hoechst

Confocal microscopy image

Confocal microscopy image of induced pluripotent stem cells co-stained for the stem cells surface markers Tra-1-60 and SSEA4


Main Office
26 N Medical Drive, SLC, UT 84112
Wintrobe, Rm. 203
Monday–Friday: 8am–5pm

DNA Extraction Facility
Wintrobe, Rm. 213
Monday–Friday: 8am–5pm
Stem Cell Facility
Wintrobe, Rm. 208
Monday–Friday: 8am-5pm

Contact Us

Colin Maguire 
Phone: 801-581-5889