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Stem Cell Workshop, ANAT 7760

The Stem Cell Workshop introduces students to the fascinating world of stem cell biology. Lectures cover basic concepts in embryonic stem cells, mechanisms of pluripotency, and lineage differentiation. Numerous lectures are dedicated to presenting how stem cells play critical roles in development, health, and disease. Cutting-edge technologies and bioengineering approaches applicable to stem cell research are discussed and 14 leading investigators will present data from their own labs. If you are interested in learning more about active stem cell research at the University of Utah and gaining hands-on instruction on culturing iPSCs, this course is for you.

We successfully offered the 1st Stem Cell Workshop this Spring 2018. The 2nd Stem Cell Workshop, ANAT 7760 will be offered again in Spring Semester 2019.

If interested, please contact Dr. Colin Maguire or Dr. Alex Shcheglovitov for additional course information. Inquires from staff and faculty are welcome.


Live-cell imaging of induced pluripotent stem cells stained with a stem cell surface marker Tra-1-60.


Brightfield images of induced pluripotent stem cells counterstained with the nuclear dye Hoechst.


Confocal microscopy image of induced pluripotent stem cells co-stained for the stem cells surface markers Tra-1-60 and SSEA4.