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Translational Consultation

The Cellular Translational Research Core (CTRC) offers expert research guidance to University of Utah investigators and their affiliated collaborators. Consultations will provide investigators with important information on experimental design, including the latest advances in reagents, approaches, and protocols, including:

  • iPSC generation,
  • cell-free DNA measurements,
  • EBV line transformation, etc.


During study development, we can assist investigators with best practices for sample collection, emphasizing key considerations for DNA/RNA based studies including:

  • buccal swabs,
  • blood sampling,
  • working with pediatric or other special populations, etc.

For research in progress, we will be pleased to assist investigators with data analysis and interpretation. Additionally, we can also discuss opportunities for training as well as support for grant proposal and manuscript development.


Consultations can be a one-time request or a series of meetings during the ongoing study.


  • Facilitating translational research by sharing resources and assisting the greatest number of investigators as possible.
  • Disseminating important breakthroughs and making contributions for better understanding mechanisms of human disease.
  • Helping investigators secure extramural funding for new avenues of research.