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Research Scientific Advisory Committee

The RSA is a committee of experienced University researchers & scientists with specialized content expertise who provide review and advisory services to the University Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) in service of the broader University of Utah research community. The formation of the RSA provides a more uniform approach for services that are critical to the research life of the CTSI and the University. 

The RSA Committee Members participate in a range of review and advisory assignments, including:

  • Pilot Development Advisors
  • Content Experts
  • Pilot Performance Mentor
  • University Wide Peer Grant Application Pre-Review
  • Clinical Research Unit (CRU) Protocol Review
  • Content Expert for Project Developmental Design Services
  • Reviewers for other intramural and extramural grants, competitions, prizes, and awards.

Research Scientific Advisors Committee Chairs

Research Scientific Advisors Co-Admin

Breanne Johnson
Pilot Program Manager

Stacey Peterson
Executive Assistant, CTSI