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BMIC Staff

If you need to contact staff about issues or with any questions about BMIC services or supported applications, the best way to contact us is to submit a Help Desk Ticket.   All staff monitor the desk and can respond if a particular staff member is unavailable.  You may email CTSI BMIC staff directly, if you prefer, but you will get the best response by submitting a Help Desk Ticket.

If you have an emergency, you may call the CTSI BMIC Helpline at 801-213-1550 between 9 AM and 5 PM.


  Name Title Expertise Area Email
9k= Julio Facelli Associate Director for Biomedical Informatics, Utah Clinical and Translational Science Institute Parallel and distributed computing applications to biomedical informatics, grid computing in biomedicine, parallel genetic algorithms for crystal structure prediction of drugs, novel application of data mining algorithms to biomedical problems, nanoinformatics
Z Ram Gouripeddi Assistant Director of Informatics, Utah Clinical and Translational Science Institute Ram has broad interests in clinical and clinical research informatics. He participates in research in which investigators attempt to understand the requirements of the clinical research community and develop the means and tools to enable, accelerate and scale clinical research. In particular, these are in the use of informatics methods for comparative effectiveness research and health - services research; machine learning and data mining for knowledge discovery and personalized medicine; biomedical data modeling; biomedical terminologies and ontologies.
Aaxlbno4TtjzAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC Randy Madsen Director of Operations Enterprise, Architecture, Systems Operations, Process Management, Product Management
  Mary Irion IT Project Manager, Sr. Project Management, Design and Implementation, REDCap EDC, OpenSpecimen, Jira Atlassian Service / Work Management
  Alyssa Hill

Technical Support Analyst

Helpdesk and Service Management, SOP and Knowledge Article Management, REDCap Support
  Ashley Farr
Application Analyst
EDC application systems management, SOP and Knowledge Article Management, REDCap Support


Shelby Murdock Clinical Data Integration Coordinator REDCap Clinical Data Interoperability Services, Research Ethics, Project Implementation
IC6Ndwvgwgtx0PkLwrZMq4xzmY1uo+0D4bf00TBDKi5VcPFs3naDVx8VttM79TzfM59CeS2uoc+5mH7+B0B1UwT5744iAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC Amaka Ohiku Research Informatics Specialist Research Data Networks: N3C, ACT, TriNetX, PCORnet
housley headshot
Donna Housley, PhD BioSpecimen Navigator Biorepository Services, OpenSpecimen
Sumon Headshot
Sumon Chattopadhyay REDCap Senior Systems Analyst REDCap Design Management, External Modules, Data Management, Software Engineering
Terrance Davis Headshot
Terrance Davis Software Design Engineer, Sr. Software Architecture, Software Engineering, Systems Design
Sameer Thajudin Headshot
Sameer Thajudin BMIC Senior Software Engineer Software Architecture, Software Engineering, Systems Design