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The BMIC offers several options for REDCap Project Management support to researchers and clinicians in order to meet the needs and budget of the study.

The BMIC team will meet with the clinical team to review the project and discern the optimal management model to support the research efforts. This can range from an initial project architecture and design review to a total project development, testing and implementation effort. Other project management services include instrument design, study event timeline review, project review and QA, report design, automation of tasks using R script and server-side executions and data safety management review.. A REDCap service level agreement is also an option in which the BMIC team will expedite project support activities and dedicate hours. BMIC engineers can support a project’s data transformation, standardization and translation or assist with device integration.

The below boxes define each type of Project Management and what is included.

Project Management (Fees associated)

  • Project Lifecycle
  • Project Architecture
  • Study Implementation Design & Review
  • Instrument QA

Data Management (Fees associated)

  • Transformation & Translation
  • REDCap Architect Experts
  • Import/Export
  • Integration with Device Data
  • Data Architecture Design

REDCap Service Level Agreements (Fees associated)

  • Expedited project ticket support
  • Dedicated # hours / month
  • Design & Configuration Support Services
  • Change management

Simple REDCap Project Build (Fees associated)

  • Design & Configuration of REDCap Project
  • Max of 3 Instruments / Surveys
  • Max of 45 questions
  • Max of 8 hours of support
  • Cost $500-$1000
  • Hours / costs exceeding these levels constitute managed project

Basic Support (Free)

  • Service Desk
  • Training Support Services
  • Project Review
  • Randomization Review & QA

If you are interested in BMIC support the following steps should be followed:

  1. Complete a ProTracks request
  2. Participate in an initial meeting with the BMIC team to review the project and discern the optimal management model to support the research efforts
    • The BMIC team will generate a Statement of Work documenting the cost estimate to provide the services requested and the timeline for solution delivery
  3. Complete the Work Authorization form agreeing to services and terms
  4. Participate in review meetings during the design / development / testing phases of the project build