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Survey Design & Measurement Core

The Survey Design and Measurement Core assists with survey study design, questionnaire development, psychometrics, and instrument assessment. Our faculty are available to serve as co-investigators and aid in writing methodological sections of grant proposals and scientific manuscripts. We collaborate with SDBC statisticians to ensure seamless transition from data collection to statistical analysis, and work with the Qualitative team for mixed-method studies. Our services include:

Survey Design and Implementation

  • Evaluating existing questionnaires, or writing new survey questions
  • Whole questionnaire design and pretesting, including visual layout, question ordering, instructions, and response format
  • Survey data collection protocols, contact methods, and selecting survey mode(s) to maximize response rates and data quality
  • Preparing grant applications and manuscripts involving survey studies


  • Identification of valid and reliable instruments, including PROMIS, patient-reported outcomes, and other published measurement tools
  • New instrument development using classical test theory and/or item response theory, including screening tools, or computerized adaptive instruments
  • Evaluation and/or adaptation of existing instruments, including development of instrument short forms and equivalent forms
  • Psychometric analysis, including reliability, validity, bias analysis, and appropriateness of analytical methods