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Clinical Research Support Office SOP Updates


  • Thanks to our study teams who were helpful in completing necessary requirements and providing documentation necessary for Tax Services to issue applicable 1099 forms for study participants. Please remember that the current policy requires that participants paid through the Participant Payments system will require a W-9, regardless of amount. 


  • We have a new eReg Coordinator! Gretchen Inman has joined our team. With over 30 years of regulatory experience, some of them with us at the University in previous years. She is quickly learning the system and will be the primary contact for eReg issues. 

Study Monitor/EPIC/ETC

  • Study Monitor Access: Just a reminder! Study monitors can now have access to eReg and Epic Link. This saves study teams time sitting with monitoring teams during visits. More information is on CRSO’s Study Monitor Access website. 
  • Epic Research Tip Sheets are available in Pulse to assist with research issues. These will assist study teams in correctly linking studies and participants for research billing purposes.