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When: Second Tuesday of each month. Time: Noon Where: Zoom 

Please email Lyalya Sultanova for Zoom link:  

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) sponsors K-Club, a monthly lunchtime meeting or early-career clinical and translational researchers. Each meeting features a speaker who is preparing a grant application, which may be a career development award such as NIH individual K award proposal, VA Career Development award, or an independent research project proposal such as a first R01.

The speaker presents his or her Specific Aims page to a group of peers and senior investigators and receives feedback about the science, career development plan, and writing. This is a safe environment for those early in their research careers to benefit from the expertise of senior investigators who want them to be successful. It also provides a venue for peer investigators to learn from each other. Senior faculty from pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry are regular participants.

If you would like to present at K-Club please email with your name, project title, and when your proposal is due.

Upcoming Presenters


Speaker Topic
October 5, 2021

Jake Magel, DSc, PhD

Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Coming soon
November 2, 2021

Nasser Sharareh, PhD

Population Health Sciences

Coming soon
December 7, 2021

Tanya Halliday, PhD, RD

Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation

Coming soon
January 4, 2022

Amy Cizik, MPH, PhD

Orthopaedic Surgery

Coming soon
February 1, 2022

Gita Suneja, MD, MS

Radiation Oncology

Coming soon
March 1, 2022

Jonathan Constance, PhD

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Coming soon
April 5, 2022

Alessandro Venosa, PhD

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Coming soon


Past Presenters

Date Speaker Topic
September 7, 2021

Adam Ware, MD

Primary Children's Medical Center

Familial Hypercholeresterolemia: Probabilistic Modeling to Identify the Risk of Genetic Dyslipidemia
August 3, 2021

Kimberly Brunisholz, PhD

Internal Medicine

Deconstructed: How to scale adherence to USPSTF diabetes prevention guidelines within a learning health system
July 6, 2021

Amy Cizik, PhD, MPH

Orthopaedics - Research

Improving the Clinical Utility of Patient Recorded Outcomes Measures Through Surgeon Engagement and Visualization

June 1, 2021

David Wetter, PhD

Center for Health Outcomes and Population Equtiy

Community Engagement and Cancer Equity Research at Huntsman Cancer Institute

Title: The importance of addressing health equity in research and incorporate the imporance of partnerships in doing

May 11, 2021

Ramya Thota, MBBS

GI Medical Oncologist at Intermountain Healthcare

Title: Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of APC + TP53 mutations to predict EGFR inhibitor sensitivity in Colorectal Colon Cancer

April 6, 2021

Jonathan Constance, PhD

Pharmacology and Toxicology Dept.

Title: Opioids, Chemotherapy, and Cancer
March 9, 2021

Jessica Cohan, MD, MAS, FACS

Population Health Sciences Dept.

Title: Optimizing Patient-Surgeon Communication for Older Adults with Diverticulitis
February 2, 2021

Guillaume L. Hoareau, PhD, DVM

Surgery Dept.

Title: Mitigating ischemia reperfusion injury following hemorrhagic shock
December 1, 2020

Tsegaselassie Workalemahu, PhD, MSc. 


Title: Genomic Investigations of Pregancy Loss
September 29, 2020

Susan Zickmund, PhD.               

Internal Medicine Dept.

Title: ABC's of Mixed Methods Research: Questions Asked and Answered
September 1, 2020

Melissa Dixon, PhD, MS               

Pediatrics Dept.

Title: Evaluation of Functional Connectivity on Childhood Onset Myotonic Dystrophy
August 4, 2020

Brett Einerson, MD, MPH, FACOG

Obstetrics & Gynecology Dept.

Title: Conservative Management as an Alternative to Hysterectomy for Placenta Acreete Spectrum
May 26, 2020

Lyen Huang, MD, MPH, FACS

Surgery, Family & Preventative Medicine

Title: Developing & Testing Surgical Opioid Stewardship Interventions in Rural Hospitals
May 19, 2020 Amy Cizik, MD Orthopedic Dept. Title: The Clinical Utility of Patient Reported Outcomes Measures at the Point of Care
April 7, 2020

Lisa Taylor-Swanson, PhD

Nursing Dept.

Title: Investigating Interoceptive Awareness And Emotion Regulation In The Context Of Acupuncture For The Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain
March 3, 2020

Brian Stagg, MD

Ophthalmology Dept.

Title: Using Clinical Decision Support for Glaucoma Testing Frequency
January 7, 2020

Lauren Theilen, MD

Ob.& Gyn Dept.

Title:Improving Cardiovascular Health Among Women with a History of Preclampsia
January 6, 2020 Casey Gradick, MD Title: Primary Care Training and Enhancement: Residency Training in Primary Care Program


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