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How the CTSI Helped Me Help You: Karen Eilbeck, MSc, PhD

Karen Eilbeck, MSc, PhD
Biomedical Informatics


The Utah CTSI had the privilege of talking to Karen Eilbeck, a professor of biomedical informatics. Dr. Eilbeck recently utilized a service offered by our Community Collaboration and Engagement Team core. We thank her for taking the time to answer our questions about her research and how the CTSI has impacted it.

What is your research area?

Knowledge representation for biological data, Data Standards, Genomic Variation

What makes it cool or relevant?

The work was looking at the parent experience in NBS. While this has been approached before, we were interested in the parent use of and vision of technology to enable communication about the condition.

How does it help the world?

We hope it will help to stream line the information from the lab to the clinic to the patient, and help the patients manage their own data needs.

How has the CTSI helped you?

We have used the CCET studio format to bring together community experts from different sub groups of parents, to better understand the NBS data flow and pain points. No one in my scientific team had the expertise to facilitate these discussions.


Tell us how the CTSI can support your research.