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The People Behind CTSI: Dan Winder, Cellular Translational Research Core (CTRC)

Dan Winder Headshot

Dan Winder
Lab Specialist, CTRC

As a staff member of CTSI's Cellular Translational Resarch Core (CTRC), Dan Winder has successfully processed well over 25,000 DNA samples in the past 13 years, handled thousands of Covid samples efficiently amid the pandemic, and processed thousands of highly valuable HIV and Suicide samples, contributing to ongoing research and resulting in publications.

Jazmin Takahashi:

“Dan is truly a gem! He always gives a warm welcome when you enter the lab; exuding friendliness. Dan has always been willing to help us troubleshoot whenever we have a hiccup with our studies. We are lucky, and grateful, to work alongside him!”

Judy Carle:

“It has been a pleasure working with Dan and getting to know him since I joined the department in 2022. The lab consistently upholds a pleasant atmosphere, creating an enjoyable and welcoming environment. Dan's commitment to his job is greatly appreciated, as he is always willing to lend a helping hand and answer questions. His exceptional work ethic and dedication are evident, and I am grateful to have him as a co-worker.”

Colin Maguire:

“When potential customers contemplate our extraction services, my most compelling selling point is this: If Dan cannot extract nucleic acid from your microscopic sample, then nobody can! Beyond his unmatched technical expertise, Dan is known for his reliability, engaging demeanor, and exceptional skill as a rock climber.”