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CTSI's SLCSE-BEES (Boosting Engagement through Experiences in Science)

A quick reminder that if you love high school students, if you're interested in helping students advance their understanding of and finding careers in health sciences, if you find your jam by helping amazing students, then visit our website to find out how you can volunteer with the CTSI's SLCSE-BEES (Boosting Engagement through Experiences in Science) outreach program with Salt Lake Center for Science Education high school (SLCSE). Through the BEES program, on 12/1/23, Ka-Ho Wong and Jenny Majersik, both of Neurology, conducted an hour-long, interactive Q&A for SLCSE students on careers in biomedical generally, and neurosciences in particular. The students asked smart questions, were engaged, and grateful for the interaction with U faculty and staff. We encourage you to see how you can help! The CTSI BEES Leadership are looking for labs students could tour, internship opportunities, and mentorship. 


wong and majersik out front at SCLSE
CTSI Co-Director Jennifer Majersik, MD, MS and Department of Neurology Research Manager Ka-Ho Wong, MBA discussed careers in health sciences with students at Salt Lake Center for Science Education.

Kellie E. Brown, MS
Academic Program Manager 

Julie Shakib, DO, MS, MPH
Associate Professor, Pediatrics 

Anthea Letsou, PhD
Professor, Human Genetics