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Clinical Research Support Office Updates: November 2023

SSN and W-9 Form Updates/Reminders

  • Any participant that will be paid through the Participant Payment system must have a W-9 form (or a W-8Ben form for those who are not US citizens) filled out. Please collect this at the time of enrollment and upload it into OnCore in the Subject Console for each participant.
  • Please ensure the full given name of the participant as well as the correct mailing address is listed in the W-9 or W-8 forms. These are verified through the IRS system and will require updates if there is not an exact match.
  • In order for the monthly report to Tax Services and A/P office to be complete, please make sure that OnCore has the participants’ full given name and correct mailing address. Confirm that the Participant Payment system SSN field matches the W-9 or W-8 forms.
  • The IRB must approve any exceptions for collection of tax documentation where there is concern for civil and criminal liability. You can submit the Payment Process Exception Form with a new application or amendment

eReg updates

Please remember to put in a Service Now request for eReg related issues/problems. This will ensure the correct person is able to help as there have been some changes in our eReg team. This includes training, access, and other eReg related concerns.