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2022 Research Ethics Consults Annual Report Release

Research Ethics Consults (RECs) are a service available to anyone here in the research community at the University of Utah.  If you or someone you know is interested in having a discussion about how to conduct pertinent research in the “right” way—where that includes both ethical and epistemic considerations, aiming to produce “good” knowledge in every sense of the term—please do not hesitate to refer or reach out to We do quick curbside (one-on-one) chats or we can also set up a team-based consult with an array of relevant, subject-matter experts.

Use of the REC service has been growing here at the U, and we’re excited to welcome new users. The curbside service utilization jumped from 20 consults to 34 between 2021-2022, making it the big earner last year. People come to us with their research problems, or just with their research puzzles, and we’re always happy to learn about new research practices and see if we can help.  We love to help when we can!