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2023 CTSI Strategic Retreat

On August 25th, the Utah CTSI held a strategic leadership retreat. The retreat covered two main topics – logic models and core messages. CTSI’s own Continuous Improvement, Tracking, & Evaluation team lead, Trent Matheson, gave a presentation on traditional logic models, Population Health Sciences Associate Professor JD Smith discussed Implementation Research Logic Models, and Associate Director of Science Communications Julie Kiefer introduced each member of CTSI to effective core messaging.

Group exercises for logic model and core messaging development included voluntary presentations and collaborative feedback. Both of these exercises contributed to refining each core and training program’s strategic planning and external messaging.

Here are a few pictures capturing our event! 



Trent Presenting Logic Model
JD Smith Presenting
CTSI Employees Collaborate
Randy Presenting the Implementation Logic Model
Maureen Murtaugh Logic Model
Julie Kiefer Presenting on Core Messaging