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The Future of Clinical Research Symposium

Mar 06, 2019

The clinical research enterprise at the University of Utah has ensured that we are competitive and compliant.  The future of clinical research must consider new policies from the NIH, new regulations released by the federal government, and changes in funding and technology opportunities.  Please join fellow researchers, leaders and administrators as we prepare for future challenges and opportunities in clinical research. 


The Future of Clinical Research at the University of Utah:  CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES

Morning Session Including:

State of the University
Will Dere
"Overview of Clinical Research at the U"

Keynote Speaker
Kenneth Getz
“Major Trends Transforming the Clinical Research Enterprise”



Panel Discussions (No video available)

Panel 1 – Anticipating Future Challenges for the Institutional Review Board and Experience for Participants

Panel 2 – Preparing Clinical Investigators and Research Teams for Future Challenges in Clinical Research

Panel 3 – Anticipating the Research Technology and Infrastructure Needs of the Future


Afternoon Session Including:

Panel Discussion Summary by Panel Chairs
Rachel Hess, Mike Dean, Jeff Botkin

Click here for the agenda.