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A line-item direct cost is the emerging standard to be incorporated into study budgets. This is part of a larger effort to better manage the financial performance of clinical trials. Fees are assessed at study start-up (site initiation visit) and annually, thereafter. The exact CTMS Fees can be found in the Clinical Research Institutional Fee Schedule. These fees include a one-time start-up fee and annual maintenance fees throughout the life of the study and include F&A/overhead.

It is necessary to assess a standard fee for all studies that require registration in OnCore. OnCore assesses their fees to the University of Utah based on the use of the system, not the size of the budget or type of study. Until we understand the full scope of these types of studies along with sponsor feedback, the fees have been set at this amount for any study using the system. 

  • No OnCore start up/annual fees will be assessed if using OnCore for participant payments only.

Please see our About OnCore page for which studies are required in OnCore. A formal waiver process for OnCore fees is being developed. Until that is available, please email the CRSO team at

  • Fees are in effect now for all new studies that were added to OnCore as of 05/01/22.
  • Studies that were underway and had an executed contract prior to 05/01/22 will not be assessed the fees.

For additional questions regarding the financial implications of the OnCore implementation, including startup and annual fees, please contact

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