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Health Sciences

OnCore Training and Access

New OnCore users are required to attend a path to access, instructor-led virtual training prior to being granted access to OnCore. Once complete, a new user account will be created. All new users must attend OnCore Orientation before training begins. This is an instructor-led, interactive course intended to provide an introduction to OnCore functionality with a focus on study coordinator workflows associated with protocols, calendars / budgets and subject administration. Orientation and 1:1 Help is scheduled through canvas, to learn more about scheduling a course in canvas please see our Canvas Tip Sheet

For a list of additional eLearnings about OnCore, eReg and Participant Payments, please visit Advarra University for more details. 

For questions and personalized team training, feel free to book a virtual appointment. Same day appointments are not accepted.

OnCore User Roles

Specialty Training

The CRSO provides live, virtual training intended to provide guidance through OnCore.  We suggest using two screens so they may work alongside instructors in the OnCore environment. For those who cannot make live training we encourage all users to utilize the Advarra University eLearnings as a training resource.

Each live virtual training session is 60+ minutes in length through Microsoft Teams, and will cover basic instructions on how to work within the consoles related to topics below:

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Managing Subjects

Managing Your Subjects and Visit Tracking:

This course will cover enrolling and managing subjects, as well how to request an MRN, how and when to link a subject to your study in Epic, how to change the status of your subject, how to assign treatment arms and how to track visits through a subject's calendar. We will also go over how to add unscheduled visits, add additional or as needed procedures to a visit, managing subject deviations, looking up SAEs in OnCore, and managing subject specific documents.



Study Start-up

Study Start-up Process in OnCore:

This class will cover the study start up process in OnCore. We will cover topics such as how ERICA links to OnCore, which information migrates from ERICA to OnCore, how to view/edit study details in the PC console, how to add/edit consent forms, how to activate studies in Epic, how to manage your staff roles, and building treatment arms.


Financials - Building Your Budget:

This course will cover how to build your budget in the financials console in OnCore.

We will cover topics such as how to update your rate base, how to change indirect and overhead rates, how to manage protocol and subject related budgeting items, how to set invoicing rules, how to build an invoice, and how to track receipts.

Calendar Basics

Calendar Basics (Calendar Start):

This course will cover how to start a calendar in OnCore.

We will cover topics such as how to start a calendar, how to attach a template to start, how to add treatment sequences by "OR Visit(s)", the differences between start dates and how they connect to the subject status, how to preview your dates, how to add procedures, and how to add footnotes.

OnCore Training & Support Team