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OnCore is a clinical trials management system (CTMS) that will manage clinical research from start to finish, including building budgets, calendars for managing research billing and integration with Epic, and research participant tracking. Along with additional modules (eReg, Payments, and EDC), OnCore will provide the entire University research community with efficient processes to manage financial aspects and participant requirements that can also maintain a compliant environment at our institution. OnCore and its supporting modules can be leveraged alongside other systems that we currently use to share information across campus (Epic/Epic Research, ERICA, EDW, etc) and aid in recruitment. Reporting capabilities can allow us to strategically plan as research continues to grow at the University of Utah.

    • Central source for clinical research tracking and reporting at the University of Utah
    • Ability to interface with Epic to share data, capture research billing charges, recruit participants
    • Reporting capabilities with standard and customizable reports
    • Efficient and compliant management of participant payments
    • Participant Tracking: Status, Adverse Events, Upcoming Appointments
    • Budget management of studies in real time
    • Experience with OnCore with HCI implementation 11+ years
    • Joining other institutions in the US that manage clinical research with OnCore

OnCore Registration Requirement

All research involving human participants that meets one or more of the following criteria must be entered into OnCore:


  • Any research study that includes a prospective clinical item including lab tests, blood draws or x-rays. This is the case regardless of whether the clinical item(s) will be paid for by the research project (study sponsor) or the participant’s insurance. A clinical item may include any treatment (e.g., drug, device), intervention (e.g., randomization of patient to one of two standard of care treatments), or clinical procedure (e.g., blood draw, MRI, physical exam, pathology order. All clinical services must be billed.


  • Any study that meets the definition of clinical trial by the requisite sponsoring agency (e.g. NIH), regardless of inclusion of prospective clinical items as outlined above. 




  • Any study where a participant receives any payment that meets the current University policy for remuneration (i.e., cash, check, gift certificates, gift cards, or other items of value).
  • No OnCore start up/annual fees will be assessed if using OnCore for participant payments only.



Required Training for access to OnCore and Epic Research

The following training is required to get access to these two systems...

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