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The MSCI is a post-graduate program intended for individuals who seek training to pursue research with a clinical emphasis and have or are studying toward an MD, DO, DMD or PhD degree. The program is also open to individuals with engineering or business degrees who are involved in health care systems and those with doctoral degrees in clinical areas, such as nursing, physical therapy, and pharmacy.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Qualified individuals who are not earning an MSCI degree may register for MSCI program courses (MDCRC course listings) with the permission of the course instructor. Non-degree students may include graduate students in other health sciences programs, as well as University of Utah faculty, fellows, and staff.

Class Meeting Times

MSCI courses are offered in all academic semesters.  Track 1 and 3 students will normally start their program studies in fall. Track 2 students commence studies in a  four-week summer intensive session starting in July. For 2022, the summer session dates will be Monday, July 11th through Friday, August 5th. The summer intensive introductory session courses meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during the day. Since many track 2 students have clinical responsibilities, the majority of track 2 fall and spring courses are scheduled to start after the workday at 5 pm or later. The expected time for completion of MSCI requirements is two years.

Please see Schedules on our Current Student Information page or in the University of Utah Catalog for information regarding specific class meeting times.

Program Requirements

  • Didactic coursework (20 graduate level credits; 5000 level or higher): For every 1 hour of face-to-face classroom time, University of Utah students are expected to spend an additional 3 hours completing required readings and/or assignments outside of class. Thus, for every 3 credit hour course, the expectation is 3 hours of class time plus 9 hours of outside class work per week for the duration of the semester
  • Research (10 masters level credits): MSCI candidates are expected to spend at least 4 hours per week engaged in research or innovation work per research credit hour for each semester they are registered for research credits.
  • Required Conferences: All MSCI students are required to attend and present their research in progress during the annual CTSI Translational Research: Engagement and Training Symposium (TREATS), a day long event held in November of each year. Each Track has additional presentation requirements.  Track 1 students are required to attend and present at monthly U2M2 Special Topics meetings.  Track 2 students are required to attend and present in the monthly Translational Research in Progress (TRIP) sessions. Track 3 students are required to attend the Bench to Bedside (B2B) program lecture series and the April competition night.

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