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Population Health Research

The CTSI Population Health Research (PHR) Foundation for Discovery, co-directed by Drs. Tom Greene and Angela Presson, provides methodological and data analytic support to investigators seeking to perform research seeking to improve the health of patient populations. The broader Population Health Core includes coordinated cores that specialize in Study Design and Biostatistics, Cancer Biostatistics, Health Economics, Qualitative ServicesSurvey Design and Measurement, and Systematic Review. Members within each core apply state of the art research methodology in their respective areas, and are available to collaborate with clinical and translational researchers throughout the University of Utah and partner institutions.  

The cores of the Population Health Research Foundation for Discovery are closely coordinated and operate through a common project management and tracking system. This system coordinates support of core members throughout the research process based on the areas of expertise of each core. The CTSI Population Health Research focus area is also closely affiliated with the Department of Population Health Sciences, including the Division of Health Systems and Innovation Research under the direction of Dr. Rachel Hess. The partnership provides the Population Health Research core with added expertise in the design of studies involving process of care interventions and other areas of health systems research, and in Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) methods. PCOR methods include pragmatic clinical trials, studies of clinical effectiveness, and mixed methods studies. The Population Health Research cores play an integral role in the clinical and translational research productivity at the University of Utah and its partner institutions.

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Tom Greene, PhD

Angela Presson, PhD, MS

Kenneth Boucher, PhD

Benjamin Haaland, PhD

Morgan Millar, PhD

Susan Zickmund, PhD

Fernando Wilson, PhD