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CTSA Intra-Institutional Pilot Project Award Recipients

Past Recipients

Year of Award Investigators Investigator Departments Project Titles
2021 Rebecca Simmons, PhD, MPH OB/GYN Understanding barriers and facilitators of implementing the LNG IUD as emergency contraception in varied clinical settings: a pilot study
2021 Tuan Pham, MD Internal Medicine Inflammation in Fatty Liver Disease
2021 Anna Ibele, MD Surgery Loss to Follow Up after Bariatric Surgery: Contributors and Consequences
2021 Anne Kirby, PhD, OTR/L College of Health Suicidal Behavior in Transgender Utahns
2021 Sunjin Park, PhD Neurobiology & Anatomy A single-step assay determining the role of disease-associated genes in neuronal activity
2021 Hediyeh Baradaran, MD Radiology & Imaging Services MRI Evaluation of Vascular Aging and Vulnerable Plaque
2020 Alexander Pastuszak, MD, PhD Surgery Genetic Basis of Peyronie's and Dupuytren's Diseases
2020 Joseph Kim, PhD Psychiatry Affect Control Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex
2020 Vikas Sharma, MD Surgery Human Amniotic Membrane as Pericardial Substitute in Cardiac Surgery Patients
2020 Sihem Boudina, PhD Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Establishing the Function of a Novel Human Genetic Mutation in PRDM16 using Patient-Derived iPSC-CMs and In Vivo Model Systems
2020 Mary Playdon, PhD, MPH, MPhil Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Feasibility and Acceptability of Time Restricted Feeding (TRF) among Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Women at Risk for Endometrial Cancer


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