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PCORnet®, is an acronym for the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network. The University of Utah is a member of the The Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC). GPC is a network of 12 leading medical centers in 8 states committed to a shared vision of improving healthcare delivery through ongoing learning, adoption of evidence-based practices, and active research dissemination.

PCORnet allows researchers to work with clinical data and conduct evidenced based research to identify patients for their studies. PCORnet offers researcher an effective mechanism for querying for cohort numbers among PCORnet sites.


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Engagement in PCORnet-enabled research is a two-way street

Patients and caregivers have a seat at the table of every PCORnet-enabled study, engaging alongside health professionals as coequal consultants and collaborators.

From the Patient Perspective

  • Partnering in research empowers patients and caregivers to set the research agenda, advocating for prioritization of questions that matter to their community
  • Patient partners can influence meaningful changes to study designs, giving these projects the best chance of success
  • Patient partners report positive experiences in participating in and contributing to research that leads to improved clinical answers
  • Patients drive adoption of actionable findings and meaningful changes in clinical care

From the Researcher Perspective

  • Patients offer important context, directly informing understanding of a condition, its effects, and the burden of illness
  • Patients can identify processes or procedures that research participants may find too burdensome, allowing researchers to amend and potentially boost study enrollment
  • Patients ensure endpoints are meaningful, helping researchers deliver results that will improve the patient experience
  • Patients can mobilize patient groups for participation in clinical trials
  • Patients are essential partners in helping to disseminate results in a way that is clear to diverse communities