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CTSI Review & Financial Support for Research Studies

One-Time Administrative Startup Fee $200
Clinical Nursing Services Fee $117 per hour
Infrastructure, Facility Use $33 per hour
EMT and Research Assistant $50 per hour
Dietician $109 per hour


Other costs include participant meal options, and Bionutrition consultation fees. Please meet with the CSC Nurse Manager, Michelle Adams, as early as possible during the process of protocol development and grant application. Contact us at 801-581-2224 to estimate nursing and space costs for your budget. The CTSI will also be happy to assist you with negotiating budgets with your sponsors to ensure you submit an appropriate financial plan. Going forward, the CTSI asks that investigators include the full costs of CSC nursing services and room charges in your budgets when applying for future extramural grants. We recognize that not all funding mechanisms can sustain full price reimbursement, and will gladly discuss methods to subsidize funding for protocols where appropriate.


Billing for CSC Effort

The CTSI will provide a monthly itemized bill to the investigator for the total cost of hourly protocol use on the CSC for each study, to be paid within 30 days to the CTSI account. Arrangements for billing and fund transfer should be made through consultation with Rebekah Hendon (