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Clinical Services Core (CSC)

Accelerating Discoveries Toward Better Health

The CTSI Clinical Services Core focuses on patient-oriented research within two clinical locations, one at the University of Utah Hospital and the other at 421 Wakara Way in Research Park. Our reputation for excellence in clinical research began here as the University of Utah General Clinical Research Center or GCRC, an academic home for “first in human” research performance that has been generously supported by the National Institutes of Health and the University of Utah since 1964.

Clinical Services Core provides physical space and expert nursing support for both inpatient and ambulatory human subject research.

Nursing & Other Research Performance Services

Research nurses with specialized training facilitate research protocols that range from simple outpatient encounters to intensive studies requiring invasive procedures and multiple day hospital admission.

  • Distance nursing support to studies carried out elsewhere in the University Hospital and Primary Children's Hospital.
  • Master's trained research nutritionist.
  • Dedicated research pharmacy staff.
  • PhD trained exercise physiologist.

Let us show you how we are able to consistently execute exceptional patient-oriented research, ensure research integrity, and provide quality care and patient safety for our participants.

Why Use Our Services?

We Provide Research Value to All Research Protocols 

Why use our services? Here are eight reasons our clinical services can meet your needs:

  1. We are a research unit dedicated to providing investigators with the resources they need to conduct safe participant-oriented clinical research in an environment that facilitates clinical and translational science.
  2. Our research venue has established necessary training, equipment, expertise, and proficiency to serve clinical protocols that demand provision of complex and high-acuity care and procedures.
  3. Our research unit has developed protocol-specific skills training and nursing competencies that are established with models from within the CTSA research education and training resources, the institution’s diverse expertise, and multi-institutional collaborations.
  4. We have research nurses with diverse nursing backgrounds and expertise in technically challenging procedures and with diverse age populations.
  5. We collaborate with hospital resources to support protocols in cases where it would be impractical for CSC research nurses to learn or maintain protocol-required skills.
  6. We are involved with quality and patient safety improvement processes.
  7. We are a partner in your research endeavors and work with you to improve client processes.
  8. We are physically located in proximity to the most acute care areas and most advanced resources of the University of Utah Health System.