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Clinical Services Core (CSC)

Clinical Services Core

Provides space and nursing services for assistance in the performance of human subject research, including venues that can support the most complex and intensive inpatient and outpatient protocols.

About Us & Contacts

CSC Services

CSC provides a renowned clinical research facility. Our team delivers expert research care and offers a range of clinical services.

Venues & Equipment

CSC services are offered at distinct venues across the University of Utah campus, each specialized for a range of services and protocol complexity.


Please see our service fee schedule

Application Process

Start the process by requesting a "no-fee consultation" via ProTrackS to receive an estimated budget.

Helpful Forms and Current Policies

See current clinical UUHC policies and VPR guidance.


Why Use Our Services?

The CSC research unit is dedicated to providing investigators with the resources they need to conduct safe, participant-oriented clinical research.