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TL1 Awards Recipients

Current Trainees

Cecile Avery Headshot

Cecile Avery

Lindsay Collin, PhD

Lindsay Collin, PhD

Emily Innis Headshot

Emily Innis

Travis Tu'ifua Headshot

Travis Tu’ifua

Afua Asare Headshot

Afua Asare

Sara Bybee Headshot

Sara Bybee, PhD

Selene Tobin Headshot

Selene Tobin

Past Trainees

Michael Paskett Headshot

Michael Paskett

S. Kravitz

Stephanie Kravitz

Laurie Grieshober

Laurie Grieshober, MA, PhD

Lindsey Potter

Lindsey Potter, PhD

Julie Feusier Headshot

Julie Feusier, PhD

Daniel Labuz Headshot

Daniel Labuz

Michael Cormier Headshot

Michael Cormier

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Lyalya Sultanova
Administrative Assistant, Grants and Contracts