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Deadlines and Costs

What Is the Application Deadline?

The University Admissions office's deadline of March 15 to apply for summer may not be realistic for an incoming fellow. Don't panic if you are reading this after March 15. It is still possible to enroll for summer classes by following the steps outlined below. The MSCI program will work with you to navigate the application process. The MSCI program's deadline for international student is May 1st and for domestic student is May 15th.

Two options are available for applications to the University after March 15:

Plan A: Apply online for regular graduate admission for summer, paying the late application fee of $30. The actual last day that online applications will be accepted by the University Admissions office is May 10th for summer semester.

Graduate Admissions office: 801-581-8761 or

Plan B: Apply for admission to non-matriculated status for summer. Use this option if:

  • You tried Plan A, but you got a response that they are no longer accepting applications for summer, or,
  • Your application is in but your transcripts are delayed. This can be circumvented if you have electronic copies of your unofficial transcript. (The application for summer non-matriculated status does not require transcripts.)

If you enroll in non-matriculated status for summer, you should also submit the application for regular graduate admission for the fall or spring semester. Up to 9 credits taken in non-matriculated status can be counted toward the MS degree. Non-matriculated admissions telephone number: 801-585-8761.

Please be aware that the Office of Admissions may take several weeks to process your admission paperwork. Here are some estimates for processing applications:

Graduate domestic admission: evaluation 1-2 weeks, admit referrals 1 week; International admissions: evaluations 1-2 week, admit referrals 1 week or longer depending if the application requires especial handling.

How Much Will It Cost?

University of Utah tuition information

The tuition that you will be charged will depend on:

Example: According to the tuition website, a Utah resident taking 5 credits in one semester will be charged $3,538.98 in the 2020-2021 school year. So tuition for a total of 30 credits (the minimum for an MS) at 5 credits per semester over 6 semesters will be approximately $ 21,233.88.

Tuition rates are subject to change. Everyone is charged the resident tuition rate in the summer semester. 


The MSCI program also offers scholarships to offset tuition. More information about the MSCI Scholarship can be found here: