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Participant Payments

Participant Payments System

The payments module is a “hub” that connects with the existing OnCore application. Payments will allow study teams to import their OnCore protocols and participants into the system and initiate payments for studies offering stipends and reimbursements.

What are the Benefits of Payments?

Consistency across Campus and Health sciences for participants and staff at the University of Utah

Streamlining the participants payment process will ensure we are complying with IRS regulation for tax reporting using methods that don’t over burden staff

Enhance financial reporting for study teams

Centralize card management for request and distribution

Support compliance and internal controls

Payments Access

Advarra University

Advarra University is full of helpful eLearnings for all things Participant Payments. If you have any questions, or need to be added/activated in Advarra University, let us know!

For a list of additional FREE eLearnings to assist in learning the Payments system see our Advarra University Course Catalog. You can "shop" for these free courses in Advarra University and complete the trainings at any time!

Advarra University Link

The following 4 eLearnings are required to be completed in order to have access to Participant Payments. Once all have been completed please let us know by requesting access to Payments through a Service Now TicketLet us know the dates of completion for the required courses listed below and we will validate your completion dates. 

  • Participant Payments 100: Overview (10 minutes)
  • Participant Payments 110: Navigation (15 minutes)
  • Participant Payments 400: Managing Visits, Stipends and Reimbursements (20 minutes)
  • Participant Payments 500: Review Payments (15 minutes)

Payments User Roles

When requesting access to Participant Payments let us know which of the following user roles will apply to you. It is important to know that when requesting access the same person cannot request a payment (Participant Check in Plus Stipend) and approve the payment (Financial Reviewer with/without PHI). For more information on this please refer to our Payment FAQ "Can the same person submit a request for stipend and/or reimbursement payments?" below.

Financial Review with PHI

View PHI, add or edit participant demographics, view participant list, check in visits, pay stipends, pay reimbursements, review payments, create/publish ad hoc stipends, and run reports.

Financial Review without PHI

Add or edit participant demographics, pay stipends, pay reimbursements, review payments, create/publish ad hoc stipends, and run reports.

Participant Check-in and Stipends

View PHI, add participants, add or edit participant demographics, view participant list, check in visits, and pay stipends.

Protocol Administrator

Build and edit protocol, setup stipend and reimburse visits.

Payments FAQs

  • What are the training requirements for payment requestors?

    We are asking all PARTICIPANT PAYMENT system users to complete the following modules in Advarra University. It is approximately one hour as estimated by Advarra but can vary by user.


    • Advarra Participant Payments 100: Overview eLearning (10 minutes)
    • Advarra Participant Payments 110: Navigation eLearning (15 minutes)
    • Advarra Participant Payments 400: Managing Visits, Stipends, and Reimbursements eLearning (20 minutes)
    • Advarra Participant Payments 500: Review Payments eLearning (15 minutes)
  • Can the same person submit a request for stipend and/or reimbursement payments?

    No. In keeping in line with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and internal control requirements, any financial transactions need to be signed by two individuals. It is important that the “Financial Reviewer” not also be assigned the “Participant Check-in + Pay Stipends” role.  For departments that have limitations with this workflow, please contact the CRSO team at

  • How do we get debit cards for our study(ies)?

    Please submit an OnCore Service Now Support Ticket to request the cards that you need. We are asking that teams request up to 25 cards at a time just to ensure that we have an appropriate number on hand for other study teams. However, you can request additional cards and provide an explanation. We understand that flexibility in these situations is important. Please allow three business days to process the request and arrange for pick-up from the CRSO department located at 27 S. Mario Capecchi Drive (Building 379, Room 2-220-24).

    For studies that are currently enrolling participants we will work with study teams to be sure that those participants have debit cards and minimize any potential for disruption of providing stipends or reimbursements.

  • Are the funds available on the card immediately? If there is a delay, how long?

    No, the funds are not available immediately. The delay depends on the department approval process. Once the study team member submits it for payment, someone with the signature authority must review and approve it. Funds are available upon that second review. That second sign-off cannot be the same individual who submitted the request for stipend or reimbursement. This is in line with University policy and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and has been reviewed with the University Internal Audit team.

  • How are lost cards managed?

    Lost cards can be replaced through a request to the CRSO team who can cancel the lost card. A new card number (from the requesting department’s inventory) will be assigned to the participant. Any balances from the lost card will be transferred to the new card and available immediately.

    Participants are encouraged to contact the card support service directly should the card be lost after hours, weekends, holidays, etc.

  • Does the participant need access to a phone to set up their card?

    No. The participant can start using the card right away as a credit card. The only time a set-up is required is if they would like to use the card as a debit card. They will need to set up a PIN. There are additional features that are made available if the participant wants to register their card. These are outlined in the Participant Payments information that has been posted to the CRSO eReg website.

  • Can they make cash withdrawals at ATMs?

    Yes. If a participant wishes to use their card to withdraw cash at an ATM, they can register their account through Advarra Hyperwallet. This also allows cards to carry a higher balance (up to $10,000). Un-registered cards will not be able to carry balances above $1,000. In addition, they can request cash back on store purchases.

  • What is the process for replacing a card?

    This is still be discussed at the CRSO level. It is likely that study teams will need to notify the CRSO team to request that a card be replaced. We will need the participant’s name and a new ICN (card number) from the department’s inventory. This will cancel the old card and transfer any funds to the new number immediately.

    Participants are encouraged to contact the card support service directly should the card be lost after hours, weekends, holidays, etc.

  • Is there an audit process for the payment system?

    There are reports that can be used from the OnCore and/or Payments to assist with auditing the operations of the system. We have been in contact with the Internal Audit team to identify any risk points and determine how those can be minimized. The CRSO and Internal Audit team may request information to confirm that cards are being assigned appropriately in the system.

  • Is there a cost for debit cards?

    Yes. The CRSO team will invoice the department with the chartfield provided by the study team at the time debit cards are distributed and received by the study team. These costs are outlined below and are consistent with the contracted pricing from Advarra, the vendor for the system. We encourage teams to be mindful of the number of cards that are requested since they cannot be returned to CRSO once they have been distributed.

    • Debit Cards: $1.50/per card distributed to the department
    • Load Fees: Load fees are charged when a stipend and/or reimbursement is distributed to a participant through the debit or direct deposit.
      • Debit Card Fee: $0.80/per transaction
      • Direct Deposit Fee: $2.00/per transaction

Payments Office Hours

For questions and additional help with payments feel free to book a virtual appointment with our help desk! All appointments are 30 minutes and bookable 15 days in advance. If you need more time you may book multiple appointments. Once you complete your booking the appointment will generate on your calendar with a Teams Meeting link.


In order to sign up for training / office hours you must be logged into the University Microsoft 365 system.

To log in go to with your university credentials. Once you have logged in the booking links will work on this site.


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