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All research involving human subjects who pay their participants will be required to use the Participant Payments System by 07/01/2023.

For questions about your study’s eligibility please CONTACT US.


Participant Payments System

The payments module is a “hub” that connects with the existing OnCore application. Payments will allow study teams to import their OnCore protocols and participants into the system and initiate payments for studies offering stipends and reimbursements.

What are the Benefits of Payments?

Consistency across Campus and Health sciences for participants and staff at the University of Utah

Streamlining the participants payment process will ensure we are complying with IRS regulation for tax reporting using methods that don’t over burden staff

Enhance financial reporting for study teams

Centralize card management for request and distribution

Support compliance and internal controls

Payments Office Hours

For questions and personalize team training with payments feel free to book a virtual appointment with our help desk! All appointments are 30 minutes and bookable 15 days in advance. If you need more time you may book multiple appointments. Once you complete your booking the appointment will generate on your calendar with a Teams Meeting link.


In order to sign up for training / office hours you must be logged into the University Microsoft 365 system.

To log in go to with your university credentials. Once you have logged in the booking links will work on this site.


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