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Budgeting and Finance

The Clinical Trials Office offers financial support for clinical trials from initial review to study closeout. Financial services offered by the CTO include:

  • Budget Development for single and multi-site clinical trials
    • Detailed protocol review
    • Internal study review
    • CMS coverage analysis
    • Protocol billing grid
    • Cost analysis
  • Budget Negotiation
    • Budget and payment terms¬†negotiation with sponsors
  • Pre-award
    • Document summary sheet (DSS) preparation
    • Preliminary project setup with Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) and Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA)
  • Post-award
    • Full project set up with OSP and GCA
    • Internal budget summary preparation and submission
    • Conduct proper account close-out procedures including historical analysis of actual revenue vs. expense
  • Budget Renegotiation
    • Identify new budgetary constraints and renegotiate when needed
  • Project reconciliation
    • Reconcile earned revenue against contracted deliverables and milestones
    • Timely and properly invoice sponsors
    • Monitor and reconcile cash collections and accounts receivable
    • Manage vendor payments and monitor expenses
    • Regularly monitor study account balances and provide monthly reports to PIs
  • Billing and Financial Compliance
    • uTRAC setup, activation and study record maintenance
    • Primary Children's Hospital (PCH) institutional account set up
    • Timely report pertinent information to PCH
    • Validate payment methods
    • Monitor unallowable expenses and restricted payment categories

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