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Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is the personalized tailoring of health care to individual patients. These characteristics can include environmental and social factors, personal health history, family history, genetics, and more.

The overall goals of the Precision Medicine Program are to support clinicians, researchers, patients, and their families for patient-centric, multidisciplinary effective care. The precision medicine program in the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) serves as one of the University of Utah's centers for personalized health care-related initiatives and also coordinators clinical care and research efforts from outside programs. Many of the services and support provided through the precision medicine core contribute to the development of clinical and research tools and practices that benefit Utah citizens and foster collaborative partnerships with other health care-related organizations nationwide.

Contact Us

Chelsie Smith, PhD
Associate Director, Center for Genomic Medicine
Vice President of Health Sciences Research Unit
University of Utah School of Medicine
Skaggs Hall, RM 260
Phone: 801-585-6746


Martin Tristani-Firzoui, MD
Professor, Pediatrics
Department of Pediatrics

Willard H. Dere, MD, FACP
Professor of Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism