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Please call us at any stage of your clinical project; we would like to discuss how we can help! The CSC offers dedicated clinical research center space and experienced clinical research nursing. Our clinical research center has a decades-long reputation of providing the utmost clinical research integrity and participant safety measures. We are aligned with the clinical and research missions of University of Utah Health, which includes the School of Medicine, hospitals and clinics, the College of Nursing, the College of Pharmacy, and many other collaborative partners.

Recommended Contact Points

During Advanced Planning

  • Contact Michelle Adams, nurse manager, 801-585-5861. At this meeting you will review the clinical services NEAT tool to define your requests for nursing and CSC services. Ms. Adams will also consult with you regarding the expertise and qualifications of the nursing staff
  • Contact Rob Singleton, MD, director, or Steve Guthery, MD, pediatrics, for consultation services regarding study design, available resources, or potential clinical/translational collaborations. You may request consultation support by calling our administrative offices at 801-581-6736
  • Contact Shawna Baker, 801-581-6737, if you have any questions regarding the pediatric scatter-bed nursing services.
  • Contact Rebekah Hastad, in CCTS administration, 801-581-6736, for clarification about the CTSI application process, our internal advisory committee (IAC), or the review process and projected deadlines. Review the application.

Post- IAC Approval

  • Contact your CSC assigned Protocol Manager (PM). This RN will be the primary CSC contact person and will most likely have research nursing expertise specific to your protocol. Contact your PM to schedule a Protocol Activation Meeting (PAM) at your earliest convenience. You will be unable to schedule participants on the floor until after the PAM. Any actionable items from the PAM must be addressed prior to study activation and participant visits. The PM will assist you in creating MD orders and in articulating the protocol workflow for the nursing unit. We trust you will find your PM to be a great resource to your study. *You may contact the CSC at 801-581-2224 after IAC review to meet your assigned PM.
  • Contact to gain access to the CTSI Shared Calendar and to obtain an electronic copy of the most current scheduling template.

During the Study

  • Contact  Nurse Manager Michelle Adams, 801-585-5861, or the Clinical Research Manager Dixie D. Thompson, 801-585-3993, for site visit facility requests from sponsors, monitors, or regulatory agencies.
  • Contact to schedule participant visits. All scheduling requests or cancellations are handled via email.
  • Study teams or coordinators are required to provide MD orders for each participant visit. Inpatient admission orders are requested 24 hours in advance of the visit. Outpatient orders can be delivered in advance, but are required prior to any participant activity.
  • Contact your PM for trouble-shooting or quality improvement efforts.
  • Contact your PM with any protocol changes, amendments, or important sponsor communications.
  • Keep your PM informed of overall progress of protocol, including: interim analysis, clinical hold, participant concerns, and the like.
  • Contact Sadie Gabler, Research Paricipant Advocate, 801-581-3803, for assistance with any participant concerns regarding study conduct or informed consent.