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Why Use Our Services?

The Clinical Trials Services (CTS) Provides Research Value to ALL Research Protocols

  • The CTS research unit is dedicated to providing investigators with the resources they need to conduct safe participant-oriented clinical research in an environment that facilitates clinical and translational science.
  • The CTS is located in close proximity to the most acute care areas and most advanced resources of the University of Utah Health System.
  • The CTS research unit has developed protocol-specific skills, training, and nursing competencies. We utilize models from within the CTSA research education and training resources, the institution’s diverse expertise, and multi-institutional collaborations.
  • The CTS research nurses provide diverse nursing backgrounds and expertise in technically challenging procedures.
  • The CTS research nurses have the necessary training, equipment, expertise, and proficiency to serve clinical protocols that demand provision of complex and high-acuity care and procedures.
  • The CTS collaborates with hospital resources to support protocols in the best way possible.
  • The CTS is involved with quality and patient safety improvement processes.
  • The CTS is a partner in your research endeavors, and will work with you at every step to improve client processes.