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Venues and Equipment


CSC services are offered at distinct venues across the University of Utah campus, each specialized for a range of services and protocol complexity. The CSC provides physical space and expert protocol nursing support for inpatient and ambulatory human subject research proximate to the services and emergency care of the University of Utah Hospital.

University of Utah Hospital

Physical facilities and amenities include:

  • Inpatient rooms on the 3NAC unit offering:
    • Clinical Services support
    • Overnight stays
    • High acuity patients/protocols including moderate sedation
    • Proximity to ancillary hospital services (i.e., radiology, ARUP, Nutrition, PICC team, Code team, EKG, etc.)
    • Access to Investigational Drug Services
    • Equipment as described below
  • Outpatient rooms for COVID positive patients in 5W Research space
  • Body composition suite, including DXA, pediatric volumetric analysis, and limb CT


CSC Clinic at 421 Wakara Way

Physical facilities and amenities include:

  • Outpatient rooms offering:
    • Clinical Services support
    • Low to moderate acuity encounters
    • Monitored participant check-in and waiting
    • 12 evaluation and treatment rooms
    • Counseling room appropriate for neuro-psych testing or genetic counseling
    • Study team workstations
    • ARUP courier services
    • Access to Investigational Drug Service
    • Suite for minor procedures
    • EKG
    • Convenient parking
    • Equipment as described below
  • Research Drive-through clinic

Mobile Nursing

  • In-home visits, University Hospitals and Clinics, Primary Children's Hospital, Department of Health, other off-site visits

Skeletal Muscle Exercise Research Facility (SMERF)

This location is a large open venue administered by the Utah School of Health Department of Physical Therapy. This venue will focus on support of low intensity protocols related to exercise physiology and health maintenance. Amenities include:

  • Open plan floor space for group activities
  • Resistance and aerobic training equipment
  • Study team workstations
  • Convenient, dedicated covered parking
  • Exercise physiology suite, equipped for muscle testing, V02 max physiology


CTSI Clinical Services Core research nursing unit is dedicated to providing an optimal setting for expert clinical research. We aim to provide necessary resources for our investigators, including the following: 

  • Fridge and –80 freezer for short term specimen storage
  • Clinical lab for immediate specimen processing, including: 
  • Refrigerated centrifuge
  • Non-refrigerated centrifuge 
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) 
  • Equipment for proper disposal of hazardous materials, including chemotherapy 
  • Omnicell and Suremed for secure storage of supplies 
  • Alaris infusion and syringe pumps 
  • Use of a heat box for retrograde IV sampling 
  • Certified stadiometer 
  • Certified scale 
  • Phlebotomy chair for therapeutic phlebotomy 
  • Certified blood pressure machines and cardiac monitors 
  • Exogen TA thermometers 
  • Crash cart checked each shift; cart stocked and maintained by University of Utah Hospital to align with all institutional requirements for patient safety
  • DXA Scan 
  • 2 YSI glucose analyzers, an essential resource for IVGTTs, OGTTs and Insulin clamp studies 
  • Offsite Indirect calorimetry (Contact Micah Drummond)