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Protocol Forms & Oversight

Protocol Forms

We appreciate that our investigators are busy clinicians. We have tried to streamline your process by creating a webpage that includes all of the CSC required forms. Please let us know if we have overlooked something that you would like to see here:

  • Scheduling Template - All participant visits and cancellations are managed via email using this scheduling template.
  • Shared Calendar - Once your protocol CTSI IAC approval your study team may request access to the CSC shared calendar; request access via

Protocol Oversight


The NIH has mandated post-award review to assure that protocols using the CSC make efficient use of CTSI resources. As part of the PIP, a process of periodic review for current CSC studies will begin, starting with the oldest protocols, with the goal of rolling first anniversary and subsequent bi-annual evaluation for each protocol.

Initially, review for each protocol will focus on three areas:

  1. Intensity and efficiency of CSC resource utilization as measured by effort analysis, 72 hour cancellation and no show rates
  2. Local (and where appropriate national) compliance with subject recruitment goals, and academic productivity as measured by abstracts, publications; and
  3. Where appropriate extramural funding or applications for same subsequent to CSC and CTSI support.

Annual data will be aggregated from ERICA annual reports by CTSI investigators together with WebCAMP data regarding participant scheduling, cancellations, and no-shows. This data will be compiled by the PIP administrator and reviewed by the IAC. The CSC director and IAC will have the authority to warn, and, if necessary, reduce subsidies for or defund protocols that fail in efficiency and recruitment measures.