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Research Committees

Clinical Research Support Office

Purpose: Develops and implements policies and procedures designed to ensure UU Health conducts clinical research in an efficient manner consistent with its legal obligations. CRSO assists and supports the efforts of the UU AVP for Research and Vice Dean of Research for the SOM.

Chair: J. Michael Dean, MD, MBA

Contact: Jaci Skidmore

              Admin Lead





Tip Sheets and SOPs


Clinical Research Committee (CRC)

Purpose: Guides quality, strategy, direction and decision making to advance the mission of the University through the support of Clinical Research.

Co-chairs:    J. Michael Dean, MD, MBA 

                    Rachel Hess, MD, MS

Contact:      Jaci Skidmore

                   Admin Lead



Governance for Research Information Technology Committee (GRIT)

Purpose: Promote and govern access, compliance, regulation and proper use of several self-service clinical research tools across the University through establishing a centralized portal and secure provisioning. 

Chair:     Rob Singleton, MD

Contact: Emily A. Campbell



Research Application Advisory Committee (RAAC)

Purpose: Advisory group regarding acquisition of IT applications for research interfaced with the EHR or the EDW. Assist in the development of useful research-related resources and processes under other Research Committees including: Applications Advisory Committee (AAC), Data Governance Committee (DGC) and Goverance for Research Information Technology Committee (GRIT)   

Co-Chairs:  Ken Kawamoto, MD, PhD, MHS

                   Andrew Post

                   Vikrant Deshmukh, PhD

Contact:      Shirleen Hewitt



Self-service tool available for researchers to query local data to understand their patient population, recruit patients for trials, and analyze outcomes between different cohorts –all within the platform with no experience with statistical software. Users can also query the Research Network, a larger TriNetX network comprised of 25+ healthcare organizations, to analyze a much larger cohort.

Register for upcoming Overview of TriNetX webinar on TBD TBD
To request a TriNetX account
For more information on TriNetX

Liaison Team CTSI Research Listening Session Opportunity

The CTSI Liaison Team offers investigators the opportunity to share their research in a round table discussion with leadership. Clinical investigators are provided direction and expert advice for their research. The Liaison Team CTSI Research Presentations are scheduled for the third Wednesday each month from 8:00 – 9:30 am. If interested in scheduling a listening session, please contact the following:

Contact Us

Dixie D.Thompson, BSN, RN
Director, Research and Science
Phone: 801-585-3993

Stacey Peterson, BA
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 801-213-1359