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Internal Marketing & Communications Services

Promoting the Utah CTSI

If you are a member of Utah CTSI and just completed a project or have a program you'd like more exposure to, we can help enhance your presence online through different avenues:

  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • Blog

Your online presence not only helps the project but helps Utah CTSI as a whole as well. The more quality content we produce, the more we can contribute to the broader scientific conversation. Your promoted project will bring a spotlight to your research, scientific progress, and impact as well as promotion to your greater program or even lab.

Video Editing & Dissemination

We can usually turn most videos around within a week. You can determine what to cut, pacing, colors, font, etc. as we continue to discuss the project as it is being edited. You will receive drafts of these videos through Box until completion. We are flexible with format, whether it be an interview, lecture, or asynchronous presentation.

Through careful editing, Utah CTSI can produce a video that will portray your content the way you intended and will be aesthetically fit for the Internet. These videos can be disseminated through means such as our blog, newsletter, or particular webpage, but most importantly YouTube.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine and there's an audience waiting for your content. Utah CTSI has contributed a notable amount of content here. We can make a playlist tailored for your videos, so you can share a single link to your content.

Recent videos include:

Social Media

The Utah CTSI maintains a presence on LinkedIn. These platforms are leveraged by CTSI’s cores and services to share: job openings, calls for research participants, and upcoming seminars/webinars. Send your content and we can synthesize it into a visual appealing post.



The CTSI monthly newsletter distributes information regarding the broad research community members ready to be introduced to your next event, core or service component, or recognition.

We are happy to highlight CTSI content ranging from:

  • General announcements & updates
  • Event
  • Funding opportunities
  • Service highlights
  • Recognitions & accomplishments
  • Research Highlights
  • And much more…

Sign up for the newsletter here.


The CTSI blog is located on our homepage and home to content ranging from interviews with researchers and staff, recent accomplishments, and more. With the right structure and target keywords, the blog can attract search engine users, leading to increased service requests, employment inquiries, or research-related collaborations.

Branding & Templates

To improve recognition of CTSI and its components, we have produced multi-purpose marketing materials for all CTSI staff and faculty to use.

 Visit our document library on our Pulse page for easy access to:

  • CTSI PowerPoint Template
  • CTSI brand image
  • CTSI wordmark
  • CTSI Zoom backgrounds
  • U Health Logo
  • U Health Brand Guide (appropriate use of logo, Sofia Pro fonts, colors)



Contact Us

Nate O'Neil
Marketing and Communications Coordinator