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The Scaffolding That Plays a Significant Role in the Flow of Development and Research Programs

Utah CTSI is the home for clinical and translational science in our institutions, the state of Utah, and within the Mountain West Region. It builds on our strengths in genetics and bioinformatics to translate promising bench science into practices that improve human health. Utah CTSI’s administration is commonly part of the beginning and end of an investigator’s experience starting with expert committees and ending with services supporting research that ranges from bench to bedside.

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Acts as significant role players within the program's mentorship, research, and facilitation.

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Steering Committee

Consists of an advisory body of experts who manage courses of action within the CTSI.

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Outreach information for CTSI offices and services.

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Tracking and Evaluation

Provides measurements of program performance and outcomes both internally within the CTSI and its cores as well as on campus as a service with the use of software platforms to create innovative programmatic tracking and evaluation solutions.

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Displays publications acknowledging the Utah CTSI.

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Citing the CTSI

Features various requirements on how to cite the CTSI in works to be published, which is critical for our NIH-funded CTSA.

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Peer Grant Review

Provides useful pre-submission feedback regarding the proposal’s strengths and weaknesses in order to aid the investigator in submitting the strongest application possible.

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Request Letter of Support

Used to convey an endorsement and reinforce attributes of the proposed work, team of investigators, mentorship, and institutional resources/leadership.

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About Utah CTSI

Utah CTSI has a mission and four institutions to help reach their goal of translating promising bench science into practices that improve human health through creating innovative health services and investigators thoroughly trained by experienced mentors.

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